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Organic Puffed Amaranth 3.5 oz – Gluten Free


  • Puffed amaranth is a delicious nutty topping high in fiber and iron
  • Amaranth is a unique plant. It’s rich in fiber and contains all the essential amino acids, which is rare among plants. No wonder it was the staple of the pre-Columbian Aztecs
  • Our puffed amaranth has a nice nutty flavor and is ideal to sprinkle over yogurt, granola, breakfast bowl, soup or salad
  • Nutrition Facts (per serving size 10g): Calories 40 – Total Fat 1g – Sodium 0mg – Total Carbohydrate 7g – Dietary Fiber 2g – Protein 2g – Iron 2mg (11% DV)
  • Certified organic – Vegan – Gluten-free – No preservatives – No additives – Non-GMO

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