Peach Cobbler Chia Pudding Sponsored by New Chapter Vitamins

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Chapter Vitamins. The opinions and text are all mine. The New Chapter products mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift  to use in this recipe, thank you so much!

Peach Cobbler Chia Pudding

As we head into fall, I’m indulging in all that comes with it. Sometimes that means too many sugary sweets, so I wanted to come up with a recipe that tastes like my fall favorite, peach cobbler, but is sweetened naturally AND contains added nutrients like Fermented Turmeric from New Chapter Vitamins!

This recipe is actually really simple to make, and because you make the chia pudding and the peach curd the night before, it makes for an easy breakfast the next morning! Yes, I said breakfast! You could also have it for dessert, as long as you let the chia pudding and peach curd set up for at least an hour. The base is granola, topped with chia pudding and then finished with peach curd (which if you’re unfamiliar with fruit curd, it’s a gelatinous-like spread and topping used in place of jam or for various filling for cakes, small pastries and tarts). In this Peach Cobbler Chia Pudding, it adds the perfect amount of sweetness.


Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Fall food is in full bloom at my house right now. After this super hot summer, I was so excited to start making fall comfort foods and this Butternut Squash Gnocchi was one of the first recipes on the menu to try. Now the thing about gnocchi... I've never actually made it, and to be completely honest, I've only had it maybe once or twice. I know, I know. Weird. Guys, I've been missin' out! So here we are.

Pumpkin and Chia Pudding Granola Tarts Sponsored by Suncore Foods

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Suncore Foods. The opinions and text are all mine. The Suncore products mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift from Suncore to use in this recipe, thank you so much!   As we head in to fall, y'all know I had to get on the pumpkin bandwagon. I am not sure what it is about pumpkin that means fall to us, but just know delicious squash, you are loved dearly this time of year! Are there any pumpkins out there reading this?! So here I am with a fall-inspired, pumpkin-y dessert to knock those fall socks right off, and of course I couldn't have developed this Pumpkin and Chia Pudding Granola Tarts recipe without the amazing products from Suncore Foods! These tarts are super easy to make,

Slow Cooker Broccoli “Cheese” Soup

Y'all... I'm on a kick, a slow cooker kick- and I'm loving it! I do the prep in the morning, let it cook all day and then sit down and eat when we want (or can!). It's perfect. It's so perfect I've decided to add a slow cooker recipe category to my blog and hope to add lots of new recipes there this fall and winter. I never thought I would see the day where vegan could taste so cheesy. Like seriously. The truth is, I LOVE cheese. But I don't eat cheese and haven't for years because me and cheese don't jive... so when I create foods that are cheesy, and taste like the real deal I get very happy. I thought my taste buds were deceiving me at first, but the leftovers proved to be just as cheesy as when I first had this Broccoli "Cheese" Soup.

Unicorn Cheesecake Featuring Suncore Foods

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Suncore Foods. The opinions and text are all mine. The Suncore products mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift from Suncore to use in this recipe, thank you so much! Annnddd... drops the mic. Guys, this is it. The healthiest, yummiest, creamiest cheesecake around. Ya, that's right, I said healthy! I have a confession to make though, I was really disappointed because I didn't think this cheesecake was going to turn out. I was emotionally prepared to start all over and try again, but by some miracle and baking good fortune, not only did this cheesecake set up perfectly, it is fan-freakin'-tastic my friends! So now that we've talked about just how good this cheesecake is (did I mention how

Pea Pesto Grilled Cheese (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

I have seriously been in awe lately at how far vegan cheeses have come. Cheese is one of those foods that I still crave, and over the past couple of years I have found myself enjoying the non-dairy alternatives that's out there #thankgodforthat Grilled cheese is always a super simple go-to, especially in the winter paired with tomato soup. It's just one of those comfort meals that takes hardly any time to grill up, which is always a win. We aren't really into the cooler weather here in Ohio yet, but September hit and my brain is ready for some grilled cheese! I decided to kick it up a notch and add pea pesto to the sandwich, along with some vegan cream cheese, and tomatoes... and holy moly was this Pea Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich the bomb.

Blueberry Muffins

It was the morning of my birthday and I found myself craving blueberry muffins. I don't remember if maybe it's some sort of tradition, but it was definitly something that I just had to have. Problem is, I haven't quite mastered a gluten-free, vegan moist muffin recipe yet. You can call it birthday luck, or a birthday wish come true because these Blueberry Muffins came out so darn good! The recipe is so simple, which in my house is a must. So what's the secret? What makes these muffins so moist and delicious? Yogurt! Dairy-free blueberry yogurt! I also like to add crystal sugar on the top for that added sweet crunch.

Slow Cooker Lasagna Soup

I don't remember the last time it was this chilly at the beginning of September. It literally went from low 90's to 60 in the matter of 24 hours. So naturally, soup was the answer to this anomaly. I also forgot how much I love my slow cooker and how seldom I use it. Like, hello?! You throw in your ingredients and let it do its thing and then you eat! Best invention ever. Now while this recipe isn't 30 minuts from make to sit-down-and-eat, it does only require 30 minutes (actually less!) to prep and then your slow cooker does the rest. I think that I will be adding more recipes like this on my blog this winter. I can still do other things I need to get done around the house, and then when dinner rolls around, we just fill up our bowls and devour!