Technical Issues

Well… you guys, it’s happened. Over the last couple of days I have been on and off the phone (again and again) with my hosting service providers… yes, that’s plural because I’ve now switched due to my files being deleted!!! All the work I have done over the past 2 weeks was lost 🙁 I have been so upset over this, and have learned a great lesson…. BACK UP YOUR CONTENT! If you have any question of if you’ve done this, go check, right now, and DO IT. 

In the meantime, some of the recipes you might be looking for have been lost. I am working very diligently to get them back up again, and am currently out of town (of course this happens when I am out of town because THAT makes sense… yes, that’s sarcasm). I just launched my Vittle Shop Thursday, and that was lost as well. Again, I am working diligently to get that back up and running.

I would appreciate your continued support as I work through the these technical issues as they were (mostly) out of my control, and I say mostly because I suppose I should have been wise enough to know I needed to back up my site! If you have a WordPress site, go check out and purchase! Trust me, it’s worth it. 

In the meantime, head over to my Instagram and peek around, maybe give me a little like or a follow! 

Many Healthy Blessings,


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