Vegan Matcha + Pistachio + Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Vegan Matcha Pistachio Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Once upon a time, I loved ice cream. My favorite summer thing to do after dinner or after a softball game- is head on down to the local mom n’ pop ice cream shop and get a scoop or two (or three!) of my favorite flava of ice cream. Never did I ever think I would be able to enjoy amazing ice cream that is vegan. I mean, I would go all the way to say this might be my most favorite ice cream I’ve ever had.

Vegan Matcha Pistachio Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Making your own ice cream is so simple with the ice cream machines we have available. The ice cream “batter” is hand blended for 5 minutes, chilled in the fridge overnight and then popped it in the ice cream machine the next day for 15-20 minutes. That’s it! Now I know it kinda stinks that you have to wait overnight BUT good news is you don’t really! Just chill for a couple hours if you’re too anxious to get your ice cream party started.

Vegan Matcha Pistachio Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Did I mention that there are only 9 ingredients in this ice cream recipe? Let’s break it down…

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Chocolate Chip Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches Sponsored by PerfectlyFree Frozen Treats

chocolate chip waffle ice cream sandwiches

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of perfectlyfree®. The opinions and text are all mine. The perfectlyfree® frozen treats mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift from perfectlyfree® to use in this recipe, thank you so much! Well hello there! Welcome to your new favorite summer sweet treat with perfectlyfree®! I've been feeling the summer heat and eating alllll those summa treats. Friends, get ready for one drippy, oozy, get your hand messy kinda dessert with these Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches! I thought about making traditional ice cream sandwiches with my Vegan + Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I thought waffles sounded undeniably fun, I just couldn't shake the idea from my mind. So here we are! I

Lemon Pistachio Date Bites

Lemon Pistachio Date Bites

Well hey there! Since I have you here, why don't you say hello to your new favorite bite-sized snack! Bliss balls, energy bites, no-bake bites, whetever you call them- they are the King (or Queen!) of the snackin' world and I am so on board. Let me tell you just a few reasons why... other than the fact they are absolutely delicious. ☆ They are no-bake, which means less time in the kitchen for you, AND you get to eat them right.away! ☆ They are naturally sweetened! That's right! No added sugars here! ☆ You literally combine your ingredients, stir, roll, and eat. ☆ They are actually filled with nutrients! That's right! trick those tiny humans of yours wink ☆ Most recipes only require 10 ingredients or less, and these Lemon Pistachio Date Bites

Cherry Pie Protein Nice Cream Sundaes Sponsored by Orgain

cherry pie protein nice cream sundaes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.   #mysummerstrength #getpickywithyourprotein #poweryoursummer #CollectiveBias One of my favorite things about summer has always been ice cream. I just don't think summer would be summer without it. When I went dairy-free that meant no more ice cream, or so I thought... then I discovered nice cream. Not only does it look, feel and taste like ice cream- it's healthy ice cream you can make at home! Fist pump You may have noticed that I have a few nice cream recipes on my blog, so clearly I have a slight obsession, sorry, not sorry ;) But perhaps my little secret about nice cream isn't just the fact it's made with frozen fruit, but I like to add

“Cheesy” Tahini Pasta with Brussels Sprouts + Capers + Pistachios

Cheesy Tahini Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Capers, and Pistachios

So this was an interesting meal. Before you scratch your head thinking... 'uh, ok, if this was so "interesting" as in weird, why is she posting the recipe' ?!. Well, let me first tell you that this "Cheesy" Tahini Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Capers, and Pistachios is so darn delicious. I want it again, like today. I've had these capers sitting in my pantry for a while, and I am not even sure why I bought them, to be honest. Weird craving. But I say this meal was interesting because it turns out my 18-month-old son loves capers! Like he was eating them out of the jar people... I mean, that's kinda crazy, right?! haha I mean, this is the kid that is currently spitting out like everything he eats (suppperrrrrr annoooyyyinnnggg!!!!) but he'll down some capers like

Rainbow Cabbage Wraps

Rainbow Cabbage Wraps

Maybe it's all the rainbows I've been seeing for pride month, or maybe I've been eating too many sweets lately and having some serious veggie cravings, but either way, these Rainbow Cabbage Wraps are love. Love for your tastebuds, love for your body, and love for flavorful + colorful food all wrapped into one meal! To be honest, I've been a little unmotivated to cook this summer. It has been hot and any opportunity I get to be outside I take it! Which is why these gorgeous wraps are the perfect summer meal.Now, I blanched the Cabbage leaves just to make them a bit more palatable (a personal preference), but if you skip this step- these raw Rainbow Cabbage Wraps are even easier to make.

Triple Berry Chia Pudding Nice Cream Parfait Sponsored by Suncore Foods

4th of July Chia Nice Cream Parfaits

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Suncore Foods. The opinions and text are all mine. Products mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift from Suncore Foods to use in this recipe, thank you so much! Crack... Bang... Boom! Happy Independence Day all my American peeps! Talk about firecrackers, these parfaits were for sure a party in my mouth! Now I know, nice cream has been done over and over, and if you've made it you understand why (because it's so darn easy to make and is so freakin' delicious). And if y'all haven't made nice cream- well guurrlll, you've been missing out! But hey! You're here now so let's do this! What is nice cream anyway? And no- it's not a typo, haha. Basically, it's frozen bananas + another frozen fruit

Avocado + Peanut Sushi with Maple Peanut Sauce

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Hey friend, thanks for stopping by for some Avocado and Peanut Sushi today! Sushi has become one of my favorite things to eat. It is surprisingly filling, super fresh and healthy, and really- you can put all kinds of stuff inside your rolls, including... peanuts! So my first reaction when I saw Avocado + Peanut Sushi on the menu at a local Japanese restaurant was... hmmm, that sounds interesting... and obviously I ordered it. And obviously, I liked it.

Mango Lavender Lemonade Sponsored by Snapfish

fresh squeezed mango lavender lemonade

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapfish. The opinions and text are all mine. Products were sent to me for free from Snapfish, thanks so much! Snapfish also provided me with a code for you to receive 40% off sitewide when you shop at! Whoop Whoop! Summa Summa Summa time! Today is the first day of summer, and I am celebrating with some fresh squeezed, ice cold lemonade! Although it has felt like summer here in Ohio since winter left, I'm still going to celebrate. When I think of summer, I think of beaches, picnics, and of course... lemonade! I wanted to bring you a fresh, unique flavor of lemonade that's summery, simple and refreshing- and this Mango Lavender Lemonade delivers!   So now I have the

Tandoori Cauliflower Pita Flatbreads with Tahini Cumin “Yogurt”

Tandoori Cauliflower Pita Flatbreads with Tahini Cumin "Yogurt"

Do you know what I love more than creating a new favorite recipe? It's taking one of my favorite recipes and reinventing it in another way. It's one of those things for me where I already know I'm gonna love it, but it's a super fun challenge to see what I can come up with. It's kinda like pizza... a pizza is a pizza but there's a million different ways you can have it. Let me introduce you to my newest creation... Tandoori Cauliflower Pita Flatbreads with Tahini Cumin “Yogurt”. One of my all time favorite sauces to use on burgers, with veggies, toast, and now on these flatbreads is dairy free yogurt combined with tahini, cumin and lemon juice. It's so simple, but yet so flavorful. And like I said, it is good with pretty much anything! So when I decided

Pretty Pink Macarons (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

pretty pink macarons

Macarons... I don't care what kind you have, they are all uh-mazing. I mean, what's not to like?! I've always been obsessed with them, but I've never been brave enough to try to make them, especially because it seemed as though gluten-free + vegan macarons were impossible. Well I knew they were possible to make because there's a local sweet shop here in town that makes them, but I didn't think they were possible for ME to make. But this is proof! And let me tell you, my family is already begging me to make more. To that, I say gladly! And now you can make them too! So I recently hit 10k on Instagram! Guys, thank you for your support and following so much! Now I can add that nifty little swipe up feature in my stories and it's just kinda a new level

Chipotle “Ranch” Pineapple Rice Bowls

Chipotle Ranch Pineapple Rice Bowls

So I bought a pineapple. Becuase I was craving pineapple... I mean it's summer, hello?! I had no intentions with this pineapple other than I was obviously going to devour it. So I got home and it sat on my kitchen island for a couple days, just begging me to cut it up and eat it. I had no idea what delicious meal I could use it for, but I knew I had to act fast or that gorgeous pineapple was going to go to waste. So... that's when this Chipotle "Ranch" Pineapple Rice Bowls were born. So I raided my fridge and my pantry to see what I could throw together to a. get rid of produce about to go bad and b. to see what fun, summery bowl I could whip up. The result? THIS. These Chipotle "Ranch" Pineapple Rice Bowls were either luck or maybe I do know what I'm doing

Homemade Vegan Blueberry Lavender Lemon Gelato

Alright guys, I did it... a couple weeks ago I officially busted out my ice cream maker to kick off the warm weather. I couldn't wait any longer to dive right into making this idea I had for homemade gelato. I've been a long time fan of lavender essential oil, but I've never used it in my food before, so I was super curious how it would turn out. I am excited to report that it's delicious and y'all seemed so into it on my Instagram I thought I would post the recipe! It all started when Sur La Table came to me asking me to create a recipe using their ice cream machine. The timing kinda worked out perfectly because I have been wanting to make vegan gelato but haven't had much luck making it without an ice cream machine. So I jumped all over this opportunity and

20-Minute Sriracha Peanut Pad Thai

20 minute Sriracha Peanut Pad Thai

So my dad came home with fresh ginger. I'll let you in on a little secret, I've never really used fresh ginger in my recipes, only ground dried ginger. I've never really been a huge fan of ginger actually, I mean if it was incorporated into the recipe and wasn't an overpowering flavor in the food I would enjoy it. And I would never eat it raw, like that little pile of fresh raw ginger they put on your plate that accompanied your sushi would always just sit there. So anyway, my dad came home with some because it's good for your digestion and he wanted to start eating more of it. So I decided to dive right in along with him and give it a try in this 20-Minute Sriracha Peanut Pad Thai! I'm embarrassed to say that I regret not incorporating fresh ginger into

Spinach + Mushroom Taquitos

spinach and mushroom taquitos

Well, we are headed into June next week, meanwhile, I'm over here still celebrating Cinco de Mayo... not that I need an excuse to make Mexican food because it's just so darn delicious. I had this idea to make taquitos, which I've never done before, and now I am kicking myself en la cabeza for not making these Spinach + Mushroom Taquitos sooner. They are so easy and so yummy and make the perfect appetizer for your next cookout (or make a great dinner for two). I took soft corn tortilla shells and stuffed them with a spinach + mushroom and vegan cheese mixture and then topped them with fresh avocado, cilantro, and lime juice. I served them with a vegan nacho cheese sauce that I got from my friend Tamsin over at Cupful of Kale and it was the perfect dip!

Curried Shiitake + Kale Noodle Bowls with Panko Crusted Tofu Sponsored by Sur La Table

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sur La Table. The opinions and text are mine. Thanks for supporting brands that support Healthy Little Vittles! Sur La Table gifted me this Himalayan Salt Bowl to try for this post and original recipe and I'm so grateful :) When Sur La Table came to me with a request for a recipe using their Himalayan Salt Bowl I was SOOOO EXCITEDDD! I've literally been dreaming about a Himalayan Salt Plate. Guys, I didn't even know the bowls existed! Mover over salt plate, there's a new salted gem in town. If you know me, you've probably noticed I love bowl recipes... any kind of food I can eat from a bowl is my jam, so this just heightened my excitement to a whole new level. Most of my recipes have salt, and I

Chocolate Chunk Matcha Shortbread Cookies

Well I've never really had a cookie I didn't like, but then there are just some cookies that are showstoppers... like these Chocolate Chunk Matcha Shortbread Cookies. And if you're not on the matcha bandwagon, gohead gurl- hop on, you'll be thanking me later. And if you're quite acquainted with matcha, these cookies will rock your matcha lovin' socks off! These Chocolate Chunk Matcha Shortbread Cookies are moist, sweet, super quick to make, and dangerously easy to eat. SO, this recipe came to be as a result of a fun collaboration from my friend Rezel over at Rezel Kealoha! Guys, she is so super talented, I knew I wanted to make one of her recipes, so we decided to swap recipes and make one of eachothers' with our own unique take on it. Well not only is she

Chocolate Coffee Doughnuts with Cinnamon Pitaya Icing

I woke up craving doughnuts. Oh, don't even act like you've never done the same... haha, but it's kinda weird because I haven't had a "real" doughnut in years, literally. I guess doughnuts are just one of those things you don't forget. Anyway, I just went with it,  you're welcome wink wink.  So not to confuse these doughnuts with chocolate doughnuts, like the cocoa kinda. These doughnuts are made with chocolate coffee, also a newish obsession of mine! I don't drink coffee often because caffeine makes me a little jittery and my tummy doesn't like it very much, but when I do, I make it count! So I replaced the liquid in these doughnuts with coffee; I mean, you can have your coffee and eat it too, right?!