Quinoa + Pea Pesto Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes I just don’t know what to cook, and I get overwhelmed with thinking of what to make for dinner. I’m right there with ya, friend. And you know, let’s not over complicate it. What’s that saying? Less is more. And you know, sometimes it really is. So as I stood staring in my fridge, I grabbed some leftover pea pesto and went from there.

Sweet potatoes are always good, and the good news is, you can stuff them with pretty much anything and it’s a winner dinner (or breakfast, or lunch!). In this particular dish I cooked up some quinoa, mixed in some cranberries, drizzled some avocado cream, added a dollop of pea pesto, and sprinkled some pomegranate seeds over top for a perfect touch of sweetness (and antioxidants we all need this time of year)! You can serve over a bed of arugula or you can simply add a few leaves. Yum and done.